Castelli Nanoflex Pro Bib Tights Review

After trashing my fake Castelli bib tights early on in the winter it was time to buy some real bib tights. Having pairs of Castelli Rosso Corsa Free Aero Race and Velocissimo Due bib shorts I’m familiar with the cut and the pads. From this experience I decided to go with Castelli again, and for their Nanoflex Pro model. Other features that steered me towards the Nanoflex, as I would be using them all winter, were the water resistance, roubaix lining, and the reflective lower legs.

After picking these up from Hargroves Fareham the first thing I did when I got home was to test out the tights ability to repel water. Tap on they were shoved under, I was surprised to say the least. The water simply ran off like it was on glass, very impressive, didn’t expect that! No wonder they have a great reputation for keeping you dry.

I then squeezed into them, literally. The cut is very slim, as with most Castelli gear, and with the thickness of the Nanoflex Roubaix lined material the bibs don’t have the ability to stretch like normal Castelli shorts. I’m a large in Castelli normally, and they are near perfect a fit, but these are just on the right side of tight. The material does keep you warm but i wouldn’t really say it would be that great below 2 – 3 degrees, the coldest I wore them out in was 5 degrees and you could definitely feel the chill. But it is only Lycra! Length wise in the leg and body they are perfect, I’m 5’10” and 165lb, but when I put these on I have to be careful not to split the stitching in the lower legs due to the nature of the material. The upper parts of the bibs are very similar to my Free Aero Race shorts but with the strap design of the B’Twin 700 Aerofit bibs, a great combo, flat and seamless. The pad in the bibs is the Progetto X2 and is great. a multi density gel pad that’s also aerated to keep you cool. It stays put and is just the right width between my legs meaning it remains very comfy, especially on long rides. I have this pad in my other shorts, it was another deciding factor for choosing the Nanoflex pros..

The quality of Castelli gear has never been in question, but the Nanoflex have caused me a little concern. This is my second pair. The first lasting only one ride before the stitching had come apart in the right lower leg panel. This is the section below the knee that has doubled up material to provide extra waterproofing. It seems the they were having a bad day on the machines when they were made. The replacement set have covered more than 200 miles and have had no issues so far, bar the little rubber Castelli scorpion logo coming off the bum of the shorts because the stitching has pulled through it. Nothing to do with the size of my backside i may add….Lets see how they last.

Castelli Scorpion badge has now fallen off


Lower leg panels with double material and reflective shins.



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