Another snotter pickup….

Ok so I can’t resist it. Another snotter picked up. We have only been in the new house for one week and I’m back to my old tricks….. and then some seeing as we have our own back garden now!

This time I have scored a MBK Mistral 12 speed. Ape cred with drop ITM bars, internal rear brake cable routing, 700c Weinmann 415x concave rims on maillard hubs, Sachs huret mechs and shifters, Weinmann safety levers and calipers, SR chain set, rack, and with some nice mudguards it’s  a little retro treat.

I picked it up for the wheel set, getting a decent set of 700c retro wheels is difficult. These were just right and pretty rare.

I can’t decide what I’m going to to with it yet though. Maybe a fix up and sell on? Or break it? Or frame swap to a gents? Use the parts for another build? Single speed conversion?

I know MBK aren’t the finest of steeds since they ceased being Motobecane, but anything with an age and few choice components is nice to own even if it is only short term.

Anyway I didn’t really need this distraction seeing as I have my old man and brothers Eroica builds to complete……….

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