Hunt opendev

Hunt wheels have set up an open development program to get feedback from real life users to improve the products and services they provide.

Hunt are a uk based company and make some very tasty wheel sets. They provide solutions to your wheel needs no matter what you want, with options for carbon or aluminium, disc or rim brake, and deep section or low profile. They are also available in clincher or tubeless applications. The styling is bang on, black with classy white decals, that will go with any bike. They are also adopting the wider rim standard, this gives a wider tyre profile without the need for a bigger tyre and results in a lower rolling resistance. This setup also gives a more solid cornering feel as there is less roll in the tyre, even when a bigger profile tyre is fitted.

I have signed up to the program, so let’s see if I get picked! If I’m successful I will receive a set of wheels and full Hunt kit made by Mobel. All they ask in return is genuine feedback and to be a great voice for them…… Maybe even write nice blog posts about them…..

Here’s hoping!

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