SWorks 6 first ride

As hand, foot, and mouth virus takes hold of our house (poor Eva isn’t in a good way, it’s heartbreaking to see her ill) I’m in desperate need of some fresh air. Tomorrow I’m going to drag Grandad out into the forest for a few. This will be my second outing in my new 2016 Specialized  SWorks 6 shoes.

As an admission I’ve never been one for Specialized products, I’ve thought their bikes boring and mass produced, and their accessories a money spinner. My opinion has dramatically changed. Being lucky enough to have a very good friend working for Hargroves Cycles I’ve had the chance to see first hand more of Specializeds offering. This including their bike fitting service, of which I was very impressed.

Last weekends first ride was fun but an eye opener, the footbed correction was very noticeable. My legs felt a lot more stable, and my cleat position was superior to that of my northwave shoes. The only downside was the different ways my legs muscles were being used! oh they ached! The shoes were very comfortable though with perfect adjustment from the boa system. I wonder how my legs will feel tomorrow? if they will have adjusted to the new position? Although I’m sure it wont happen straight away and, of course, I don’t mind completing a few mile to bed them in………

  I’ll let you know how I get on.


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