Lusso rivington jacket

I’ve been living with the Rivington jacket for about a year now, I can wholeheartedly confirm that this is another awesome Lusso product. Let’s cover off the who’s, why’s, and what’s.

Firstly, let’s get the fact that I’m a Lusso brand ambassador out of the way. I receive a discount on Lusso product in return for sharing their items on my social media channels. I’m not paid to wear or write about their products and, if I wanted to, I am free to choose other kit to wear. In fact I still do, my favourite jersey/jacket is my castelli perfetto. Well it was…..

Anyway…….the Rivington is the latest jacket or “bad weather” jersey from U.K. handmade cycle clothing brand Lusso, and its exactly what you should expect from a handmade garment. It’s top class.

Referring to the Rivington as a jersey over a jacket is down to the fit. It’s aero cut and the material has a four way stretch allowing it to form to your body, just like a lightweight summer jersey. Yet the ability of the rivington to hold its own as a jacket is down the to quality and choice of the materials. Yes you can have both!

Lusso have chosen to use an eVent fabric that has 30k breathability and 10k waterproof ratings, and from someone who’s had experience of some higher end ski wear thats some impressive numbers. It’s the breathability number that high makes all the difference.

The stretch fit is perfect.

One of the main reasons you can get cold when exercising is being sweat soaked. Wind quickly chills sweat. The more your garment holds, the colder you can get. Like wise the one of the reasons you overheat whilst exercising is your garments inability to breath and allow the heat to escape away from your body. It’s a real catch 22 situation for a low end fabric who normally only cater for one of those, but for the eVent used in the rivington both are second nature. The extra breathability is where it really stands out, it’s nearly twice as breathable as Gore-Tex and three times as breathable as WindTex. This is where I’ve really noticed the Rivington coming into its own, you just don’t get sweat soaked. In fact I’ve noticed how breathable it is by the sweat that collects on my phone screen when it’s in a jersey pocket!

Nice long tail to keep you backside dry and warm.

So yes my favourite jacket was my castelli perfetto, and yes it is still is brilliant on those slightly warmer days, but my go to for inclement weather (where it’s not -5!) is the Rivington. The fit is ace, the breathability is second to none, and the features are as you would expect for a top end bad weather jersey.

Side vents aid cooling if needed.

I’ve had the jersey for at least 10 months now and it has held up well to multiple washes and rides. Including some rather muddy rides. I’ve been careful to wash in a plain soap (no fabric conditioner) to preserve the breathability and waterproof properties and it’s performance hasn’t dipped. Impressive longevity so far, and I’m sure it will get through a third winter easily.

Deep pockets and additional waterproof secure zipped pocket are great features.

If you fancy getting yourself one just head to LUSSO and use BC15 at the checkout for a 15% discount.

See you out there!


    1. Sizing is more race fit, temperature range is zero upward but I’ve worn in just under that with a long sleeve base layer. I’d say you’d be getting too hot above 15° but depends on your exertion level really. Cut is fantastic and works really well in the hammer position.

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