Products I like – Granite Supply juicy nipple tubeless valves and BBB cycling tubeless rim tape

Some products should be fit and forget, work first time, and be easy to use. These two will easily be staples in my collection from now on.

Your solution for going tubeless.

Juicy nipples – my first time using these and I’m impressed. These valves are well made and feature packed. To fix to the rim they have conical seal seat and profiled nut with an o ring to provide a secure fix. They have an Allen key recess in the base to make fitting even easier. The valve cap even features as a core remover so you always have one.

BBB tubeless rim tape – I’ve tried a few different tapes now from big names (stans) to using ghetto approach and gorilla tape. I’ve also used one piece urethane tubeless conversion strips. Out of all the “off the shelf ” tapes this is easily my favourite. It’s flexible enough to follow rim profiles, tough enough to withstand pressure into spoke holes, and has a decent glue on it. It also also comes in a few different widths.

The above are my go to’s for tubeless wheel setups. If you want to get your hands on some you can head to Windwave and use the code windwave10 for 10% off.


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