After a chance conversation over Strava an idea was developed by a bike buddy and me. We were discussing the fact that all multi discipline sports were biased in favour of running or swimming. Never is cycling the leading sport.

I love a duathlon. I entered my first one last year, loved it so much I entered another two weeks later. They made that much of an impression I’m entering the same events again this year (fingers crossed recent accident doesn’t result in me having to miss out), there’s something really fun about smashing your legs to bits this way! Anyway, even though duathlons are just running and cycling, the running stints always take the lead. Its always run, bike, run.

We questioned why it wasn’t bike, run, bike. What about those cyclists who run a bit? why couldn’t we have a cyclocross race interspersed with a separate run section? why not a gravel race with a run in it? why aren’t there more gravel events in the uk? why isn’t there an event like this in the New Forest? its an ideal location.

So we thought “how hard could it be to run an event like this?”……….. cyclocross races just look like a load of police tape wound round rebar forcing people to ride round muddy playing fields in loops. Yes maybe they are as simple as described with obstacles like fences and steps in there are what make cyclocross cyclocross. It takes some special mentality to race that, and it seems to be all taken quite seriously. I don’t think we would really want to encroach on that scene either, this would be a fun and relaxed bit of friendly competition.

Conversation moved on and soon we were talking about locations….. who can deal with the council…… what length each stint will be…. Anyway, this could all be idle chat….. or maybe contact me on the form above and let me know if you are interested! we can go from there……….

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