Falling down

No not Michael Douglas losing his shit, I mean literally falling down. That’s what I did yesterday morning. 100 yards from my house I turned into my road and the bike washed out from beneath me. I’m now writing this post with a fabric cast on my arm.

I haven’t had a bicycle related accident in a good 5 years so i’m guessing that I was well overdue, but even then that was because of a bad driver pulling out on a group of us.

I’m a pretty experienced but cautious rider at the same time. I only take calculated risks when it comes to the bike, I have two kids and a wife plus a mortgage to pay. Today though, was an exception. I was having so much fun on the ride, like a child, I stayed out a little longer than usual and had to rush home. Fuelled by the fun (and by how fast my gravel bike is on the road) I tanked it back on the lasts section home. Final corner, 20 mph, I pitched the bike in. I hit the white lines on the junction, the ribbed, wet, and mud clogged edges of my tyres let go. I was falling down! Hands went out, left hand bizarrely took the brunt even though I was turning right, then right knee, hip, and elbow. Laid in the road for a couple of seconds before the pain hit, my left arm was in agony. Quickly got up before the rest of the pain flooded in and hopped back on the bike to seek assistance from my family. Anyway, after shocking my daughter with the state of my bleeding body and then a quick shower we were off to A and E. Two hours later I’m all cleaned up and wearing a splint.

Im hoping my injury isn’t as severe as a fracture, but as the hospital couldn’t quite decide i’m back next week for another assessment. Looks like the turbo trainer is going to be my best friend for the next month, and the weights circuits I have been adding into my training will have to wait (no pun intended) until I can lift with my left hand again. Maybe even get training for those half marathons!

Anyone got any good tips for healing fast?


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