Bbb commander sports glasses

Bicycle part and accessory giant BBB have just released their new Commander model glasses. I’ve been wearing them for the last few weeks and I’m more than happy with them. Heres why!

The style of the commanders is very current. They have a semi framed design with adjustable arms, and a large snowboard goggle style lease to maximise field of vision.

The glasses come with two additional lenses, one clear, and one for low light conditions, a tough solid case, a Lense cleaning bag. All for a very reasonable £69.

One of the Commanders coolest functions is the adjustable arms. A button at the frame end of the the glasses allows you to adjust the length of the arms by simply sliding them in and out. This is a welcome tuning option allowing you to adjust comfort and clearances for both your helmet design and your head. Paired with the adjustable nose piece you can get a nice tailored fit.

The lenses swap out easily and you can easily stash one in your pocket if you are going to be riding in changing light conditions. They are also uv protectant and have a hydrophobic coating so rain just runs off.

I really like the fit, mainly because I can get them to sit perfectly on my nose and adjust the reach to my ears. The lenses give a great field of vision. I was initially concerned going back to a set of glasses with a rim, after wearing the frameless BBB Fullview glasses up until this point, reason being when you are in he hammer position and have your head down sometimes a frame can obscure the view when looking up the road. Not the case here with zero obstruction. Ventilation is also good for glasses with such a large lens and therefore it’s rare for them to steam up.

All in all a great effort form BBB and at a price point that puts the big boys to shame.

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