Aldi cycling special buys

It’s Aldi cycling special buy week this week….. here’s my top picks.

Self sealing inner tubes

Now for someone who has just spent time making his own this is a bit of a wind up! Especially seeing as these are only £1.99 each! Available in most sizes and valves.

Child trailer and stroller

I’m all in favour of families getting mobile by bicycle so this is a real winner for me. At a smidge under £90 you get a trailer and an off-road stroller.

Frame bags

For all you gravel or adventure cyclists there’s a selection of different frame bags on offer. Top tube, handlebar, frame, and saddle are on offer, all for £4.99.

Muc off urban range

All you need to keep your bike running smoothly. All over cleaner, chain degreaser, wet and dry chain lines. All £3.99 each.

Turbo trainer

There’s no excuse not to get that winter training done now! Or get yourself a super cheap zwift setup. This turbo trainer is available online only but at £25 there’s no excuse!

Electric folding bike

Now this is a bit of a step up in cost for Aldi. You could normally buy a whole years worth of shopping for the value of this bike at £499. But let’s look at what you get. It’s an aluminium framed, shimano 7 speed, electric assist folding bicycle. It has a 50km assisted range, a 30km non assisted range, and charges in 3 hours. Not surprisingly these have all sold out already!

That’s my top picks but there are a lot of other things in store as well. Hydration tablets, heating and cooling embrocation, base layers, shorts, jerseys, energy gels, gloves, gas canisters and inflators, pumps, gt85, and helmets.

Get yourself down there on Thursday the 9th to arm wrestle all the other cyclists for the bargains!

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