Risk titanium stem cap

eBay has come up trumps again! Yes cheap import parts aren’t always the highest quality or the most reliable way to upgrade your bicycle but a little bit of shopping around will normally reward you. Plus trawling through loads of parts is fun in itself yeah?!!? Or is that just me?

The latest mail order component to be fitted to one of my bikes is this titanium stem cap.

I’ve been staring at a boring (and ugly!) logoed up ITM stem cap on my R872 for a little while now and, whilst the headset is probably a Ribble branded ITM job, there’s nothing else ITM on the bike. Yes I know replacing it with another non matching brand is counter to that argument but at least I can have one with nicer design and more subtle logos.

My search started by typing in ‘titanium stem cap’ into eBay and sorting into buy it now and lowest prices first (That’s kind of my default way to find new parts on eBay) to see what was out there. About ten minutes later I had found this baby complete with bolt and nice laser etched design. It’s also nice and light at less than 9g complete.

The cap comes packed in a little presentation case to give it that air of exclusivity but, when dealing with some things from the Far East, translating a cool brand image isn’t always that successful! The strap line ‘Riding Is My Life’ is not quite on the button is it.

The laser etching is really good on both Spirograph style design and bolt head, the latter carries the RISK logo. The bolt has a nice little o-ring around the head to give a solid fit and reduce water ingress, it is hollow as well and helps with the weight reduction.

Fit on the bike is pretty much perfect, only let down by my stem stacker above the stem! (Oh and all those rusty bolts I need to replace with the black titanium ones in my stash)

A hell of a lot better eh?

There were a few other designs available as well so if you were looking for the raw titanium finish they are available also.

Not exactly exciting but a nice little upgrade at least.


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