Léger launches – Jenson Button enters the world of cycle clothing.

Jenson Button is one of my big sporting heroes, easily one of the greatest British motor racers. Hell I’d even have him up there with the greatest racers of all time, but hey that’s personal opinion (although there’s plenty of facts to back that up!). Jenson is also a competitive triathlete and cyclist, as it was the perfect way to compliment the fitness required to drive modern f1 cars. Especially considering the driver strength to weight ratios required toward the end of his career due to car regulations.

Anyway to get to the point he has launched Léger Los Angeles, a sports cycle clothing brand.

Going by the on-site story and from the Instagram posts the kit is aimed at the racier side of club runs. For the not so serious but serious cyclist! Ie what you would wear on a coffee ride when not on that training marathon. It’s what racers wear on their day off, and what the rest of us wear to look cool.

Looking at the collections they have the designs are pretty cool. From what I can see from the pictures the jerseys have laser cut sleeves, low collars, breathable side mesh panels, and triple rear pockets. The standard current high end jersey style akin to those from Rapha and la passione.

Here’s a few modelled by Jenson himself:

The above is a limited run of 100 from their Maverick collection, the circuit edition jersey.

This is the detail on their maverick collection bibs. Again to me look high quality with decent compression and laser cut legs.

From their cafe racer collection is the Venice venture kit.

There are a few designs in each collection, all quite tasteful, so plenty to choose from. What’s also interesting is that they don’t sell the bibs and jerseys separately in this collection, you buy a matching kit. I like this idea, but it could limit sales.

There are also some accessories in the way of arm warmers and a wind proof gilet.

From what I can see from the website and current social media the kit looks pretty, well made, and functional for the summer. Obviously in LA they don’t seem to see the British weather too often so over here it would be strictly warm weather gear only. I feel the website is lacking in info regarding the materials used to make the kit, ie country of manufacture, fabric types, origin of chamois pad, gripper and sleeve descriptions, and distance recommendations for rides. But hey it’s only week one!

Price wise the kit is in us dollars but it’s still pretty pricey. At $435 for the Maverick jersey and bibs (£330) that’s quite expensive, but if the quality is there it’s worth it. For comparison the Rapha pro team bibs and jersey I have just bought would be weighing in at a pretty similar price. It’s clear which market this kit is aimed at, a pretty tough one with the options already out there! But I’m interested to see where it goes, and of course I would love to try some!

If you want to see more of Léger check out their website HERE.

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