Still Singlespeeding! Cafe Velo Drop In.

Ribble is still away getting a fancy new paint job so busting moves singlespeed style again. I’m starting to notice a strange phenomenon…….. I’m running out of gear! The last few rides I’ve been able to absolutely stomp it sprinting uphill, it’s a great feeling but I don’t want to spend any cash on the thing ha ha. This weight loss and increased fitness is becoming expensive! I’ve just had to but new kit as well!

Today on the first day of the 2018 Tour de France I decided to pop into Ringwood’s cycle cafe, Cafe Velo. It’s recently changed hands and wanted to catch an idea of the new vibe. It’s ramped things up impressively, it’s now incredibly cycle focused. It has a near full time in house mechanic and very busy group rides.

I just happened to turn up as the group rides were amassing to leave, had to be nearly 30 riders there so quite impressive. As far as I can tell they split them into two pace groups to be more inclusive.

I’m having a caffeine free spell so stopped for a juice and a tea cake. Not exactly low fodmap so paid for that with bloating for the rest of the day! But needed some carbs as I’d already ridden 25 miles fasted.

Impressions of the new owners take on cafe Velo? There seems to be a great community there almost instantaneously, so I’m guessing the new owners have transferred that from existing businesses and relationships. That brings a little more buzz to the place. It’s heavily cycle focused. But at the risk of looking like a bike shop with sofas rather than a cool cafe hang out. Ringwood already has a couple of great bike shops so taking them on would be a negative approach in my opinion. It could take some styling tips from Bournemouth’s Velo Domestique and Rockets and Rascals, they have nailed the mix, but it’s definitely got more going on than before. Only having tasted a toasted tea cake I can’t really say anything about the new menu, although it was quite funny when the lady behind the till didn’t know what a toasted tea cake was or how to serve it (asking me if I wanted it toasted ha). Disaster quickly averted by her experienced colleague (iirc a member of staff employed by previous owners) stepping in. I’ll have to pop back in to check the menu as it seems the cafes website is no longer in operation, and Facebook business pages are just crap so I can’t be bothered to hunt around there for it. They have some stiff competition with the food served in Velo Domestique and Rockets and Rascals so looking forward to seeing what they can do. Maybe I’ll wait until I’m caffeinated again so I can see what they are serving in the coffee stakes as well, after all what is cycling without coffee! I’m sure it will all be good, we have some great local producers (cafe Velo have bakehouse24 on their doorstep) and there are some awesome coffee roasteries in Bournemouth as well. So no excuses!

Great to see the cafe going from strength to strength and more cyclists out and about. I’ll return again, and aim to get onto one of the group rides when I have a morning to spare.


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