Pro cyclist in IBS shocker!

Unfortunately for Tom Dumoulin the most memorable moment of the 2017 giro d’italia won’t be his win, it will be the fact that he had to take a crap mid race just before Stelvio.

Yep there he is whipping off all to relieve himself. Something I have wish I could have done on a few passed rides.

Old news I hear you say. Yes it is but he and his team have released new info this week about why he had to stop. Because it’s not normal in the pro peloton for people to poop mid race.

Fructose and Lactose malabsorption apparently. Well for all of you fellow IBS sufferers that’s a small comfort and also something you can relate to instantly. Both of those sugars are high FODMAPs and are not absorbed well into the body. So when shoved into a body already on the limit it’s no wonder he had to answer nature’s call.

Sounds to me like Tom needs a FODMAP friendly diet for his training! Lactose free milk and cut out the apples would be a great start. Unripe bananas is a tip for you my friend!


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