Stumbling blocks, training, and new gear

So far I’ve had a great start to my cycling year, mainly down to my inclusion of Zwift and turbo trainer into my efforts. I almost completed a full house in January (got to 20 days in a row on Zwift before coming down with an awful cold). It’s been a great training tool and my fitness levels and weight are back near their best already after having a very lacklustre 2017. I’ll be Mallorca fit in no time!

So what’s dragging me down? I’ve already completed half my total distance from last year already, but my ability to fit in turbo sessions has started to wane significantly in the last week or so. I’ve also cleared out the majority of my vintage road bike collection in aim of buying a new frame but unfortunately/fortunately I don’t think that’s going ahead. Then there’s the new kit choices…… I just can’t decide what summer gear to buy (a nice problem that can turn into a negative when you are getting fed up of choosing between manufacturers!).

Damn cycling speed bumps!

A slight reassessment was needed, had a good sleep on it last night and I think I’m set. I need to not get wound up about not getting out there, I’m no pro and this is a hobby/lifestyle choice not a necessity. If I want the turbo time I need to organise myself better. As for the new bike, only a madman would warrant a new frame even though the one you already have is brand new and has been awarded several best on tests (check out the Ribble R872 here), no matter what stable the new bike was coming from. And the kit thing well…… surely the shopping scenario is half the fun and the weather ain’t here yet so I can park that for a month!

It’s very easy to get overly hyped by you interests and hobbies, they then become an obsession. That’s not healthy for anyone! Anyway here’s to getting some long summer rides in on a top bike, in a top location.


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