halo clickster freewheel

The winter bike was feeling a little worn in the drivetrain area so replaced and upgraded it all. My choice when replacing the freewheel was the Halo Clickster.

There are a lot of freewheels on the market. The trials bike crew love them, the singlespeed crew love them, and they have been a staple of the BMX world since inception. So what was me to the Clickster?

First let’s go by my requirements. Singlespeed Road bike that gets stick throughout the winter, wanted to run a setup as light as possible, want to run a road chainring up front.

Freewheels generally only come in two chain widths, 3/32″ or 1/8″. 3/32″ is 8 speed chain width, 1/8″ is singlespeed chain width. The Clickster is made with 3/32″ teeth meaning you have access to some lighter chains, this was one of the main selling points. Another reason being that fitting an 8 speed chain would work well with a narrow ride chainring, just in case of any tension issues out on the road.

The Clickster has a set of six pawls, and 72 pick up points resulting in a great sound and instant engagement. You can really notice both on the road, with a standard single pawl freewheel with low pickups there’s a noticeable lag akin to a loose chain feeling, with the Clickster the power is down straight away. The only potential issue I felt was that all those pawls and pickups do cause extra drag so on a road bike not always perfect, but hey you shouldn’t be freewheeling anyway!

Final thing to say about the Clickster is it looks hard as fuck. It’s black oxide finish, so will take some wear before it rusts, and the logos are cool. Always something to consider!

I’ve yet to see the longevity as have only been running for about a month now, but it’s bedding in nicely and the initial drag is reducing.

I like it! If you need a freewheel and don’t want to spend a shed load, yeah I’d say a Clickster.


One comment

  1. When I ran a store in Glasgow it was our go to freewheel for the single speed winter bikes we saw, we have a lot of rain. It pretty much was up there with the White Industries one.

    I liked the drag as it gave you a faster pickup than what you get on other freewheels, I guess that point is subjective.


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