BBB Cycling Icarus Helmet

If you get some new specs, you gotta have a new hat yeah? And if they are matchy matchy that’s even more kudos right? Well maybe……. but it means I have a new helmet as well now….

I have the BBB Icarus!

The Icarus is BBBs top of the range standard style road helmet, by that I mean non aero/tt.

In my opinion I think it’s a good looking lid, the pointed front and open back make it look very much like a race cars diffusers. It’s available in a fair few colour schemes, so you should find something that matches (if not there’s always white!), and it’s even available in the full team FDJ colours to match the guys who wear this helmet in the pro peloton.

Thibaut Pinot in his Icarus

It has 29 vents to keep you cool, and I have to say it does this well. I’m quite a sweaty cyclist but with the position of the pads and vents in the Icarus I’ve noticed a nice difference in sweat levels running down my face!

The head retaining band is size and height adjustable meaning a comfortable fit should be available for all, it has a dual adjuster to get it just right and allow adjustment on the fly. The helmet is available in two sizes, medium (55 to 58cm) and large (58 to 62cm).

I’ve ridden this for about three months now and have been impressed, it’s fitted my head shape well (difficult task! Trust me!) and kept the sweat levels down. It may not be the lightest lid out there, at 275g in a medium, but then you’ll be paying a bit more to shave only a handful of grams off.

Check out the helmet on the BBB website HERE

The Icarus is priced circa £130, go try one!


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