Life getting in the way!

Sometimes life's balances shift and you find yourself hammering away at the anvil preparing for the future. I'm currently residing in one of those periods.

The life irons in the fire at the moment are forging both metalwork for war (work) and for construction (home). Leaving very little time for recreation. Now don't get me wrong both of those are going great guns with super positive results, but looking at the importance of certain things in the hierarchy of life's cycle some things have gotta give. At the moment, it's here…..

My blog and time to generate content has been severely limited, but hey it's just a blog right? It's not providing love for my family, keeping a roof over my head, or providing gainful employment so I think it can wait. Hey I'd just like the time to cycle at the moment!

I do have plenty to write about though….. the new Ribble R872, my semi vintage gravel bike build, restoring the Mercian, a vintage bicycles that have crossed continents, the bike show at the NEC coming up, group rides, where to cycle in the Bournemouth area, shopping for bike seats for little ones, improving fitness……. it could go on for ever!

Speak soon…..

One comment

  1. I’ve hardly written anything this year, similar pressures of life and home mean something must give.. doing it guilt free is the secret 🙂


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