BBB Cycling Full View Glasses

I have been running Oakley Jawbone glasses for about three years now with no real issues. So why did I need a new pair? Well mainly because I can’t really keep my money in my wallet! But also because I wanted to try some glasses with a frameless design.

When I snowboard I use Dragon APX goggles, their design is such that the curved visor and pure size means an almost uninterrupted field of vision. That’s the same for the BBB Fullview glasses.

Unboxing the Fullview glasses was a nice little experience, I wasn’t expecting to get such a solid case with them at this money, perfect for protecting the two additional lenses that come with them. One low light yellow and one clear. There’s no assembly required, they come fitted with darkest lense, but I insisted on playing with them to see how you swap lenses. It’s very easy, the arms just twist away from the lenses to unclip, and the nose piece comes away with a pinch. The glasses feel pretty solid even for a setup that clips directly to the lense, let’s see how this lasts over time though. I went for the gunmetal grey option but the arms are also available in orange, white, black, and navy.

The fit is pretty damn good, this is down to the adjustable design of the nose piece. It’s entirely adjustable allowing you to move the glasses nearer or further away from your face, adjust the height, or even straighten up wonky ears! Something that’s limited on my Oakleys. The grip on your head is light, probably down to the lack of frame, but they don’t feel insecure on your head with the rubber grippers on the arm hold them in place securely.

Having covered a good couple of hundred miles with them now the most noticeable thing about them is the fact they aren’t! They are very light and with the frameless design it’s an uninterrupted view. You almost forget that you are wearing them. Another boost for the frameless design is the lack of contact between forehead/hair/eyebrows and glasses (although this could just be me!) that always causes sweat to run down them. Something I frequently struggled with on my Oakley glasses meaning constantly wiping them and potentially wearing the uv coating from the lense. 

Overall I’m super happy with these BBB glasses. They are comfortable with great visibility, they come in at a great price, and they look fast! What more could you want from a set of specs?

The BBB Fullview glasses come in at £52 for the spec reviewed, but are available with a photochromic lense that auto dims with increase in light. Pretty cool eh! But be prepared to pay an extra £30 odd for it.

Check out the glasses here BBB FULLVIEW.

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