fuel and recovery

Last weekend I was able to try out my new mid and post ride nutrition setup from

Using the product finder options on the website I filtered down to two products. One for mid ride hydration (electrofuel) and another for post ride recovery (recoverfuel).

I’ve found myself trying and buying loads of mid and post ride supplements in the past and never really settling for anything due to flavour or disagreement with my stomach. SIS Rego being the only one I’ve bought twice so I wasn’t holding out massive hope for the offers.

As it happens I’m suprised.

Electrofuel is’s during exercise electrolyte and carbohydrate drink. It’s available in a few flavours but I opted for the lemon and lime. Last ride was 60+ miles on a single speed with 2000+ft of climbing, I took one gel and a protein flapjack with me, and I successfully avoided cramping and bonking. Id rate it! Although I will say that in the recommended dilution its pretty sweet, I generally make it a little weaker but drink more of it. Find the full nutritional information CLICK HERE.

Recoverfuel is’s post exercise recovery drink. I use their standard whey protein as a meal replacement during the week at work if I’m feeling lazy or trying to avoid things that might upset my digestive system and I liked the chocolate smooth flavour. This isn’t identical but it tastes pretty good for a protein shake! The nutritional side looks as good as any other recovery product I’ve tried and this shake contains their D-Celle whey that is apparently more easily absorbed into your body. Recoverfuel also contains Ganeden a probiotic blend to keep your gut healthy, great for me! If you want to find out more CLICK HERE.

I’m happy with both, they come in bulk, and they are at a good price. If I don’t get bored by the end of summer I think I’ll be reordering. 

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