The Tarmac Catwalk

When it comes to road cycling fashion there’s a few different methodologies. You have the brand tribe dressing solely in and swearing one brand of clothing is the best with no questions allowed (brands for this will be Assos, Rapha, and Castelli), you have the guys who buy the best that’s available on sale (me mostly!) and have kit from all over the place, and then you have the fashionistas! who when summer comes get lairy with their jerseys. Now I’m partial to a bit of colour so I went hunting for what I think is some of the coolest summer kit available for all you fashionistas!


castelli atacco
The Castelli Atacco. Available in a few colours but this green camo is savage! Check it out here! £70 retail.

DHB Blok Nova
Wiggles in house DHB brand has some cool designs in it’s BLOK range. This Nova jersey is a bargain at £45. Click here for more!
Hunter brothers

Hunter butterfly
Now this stuff is hip. Australian family brand Hunter Brothers make some super cool jerseys and skin suits. Not cheap though! $170 AUS. Click Here!
This is Cambridge

UK based TIC started with caps and now make full kit. This A bloc jersey is snazzy, and all designs are available for him and her so you and your partner can matchy matchy!! £95. Click Here!

If you like your jerseys with more than a hint of tattoo style about them then hit up Cycology. £55. Click Here!
Hizoku cycles

Hizoku do a whole load of cycle based casual wear but this samurai jersey stand out with an awesome print, again tattoo style the whole back piece is intense! $50US. Click Here!

Bored of what was on the market two friends founded Komraid (King of the mountain raid – get it?) in 2016. This Jammer jersey and bibs are hawt! £75. Click Here!
Stolen goat

In a Ziggy Stardust stylee the Stolen Goat limited edition Big Lightening jersey stands out! £75. Click Here!

Wow. This Isometric jersey bib combo from TCycling is bold. The baby blue and yellow…. £55. Click Here!

Ornot from the USA, staying on that baby blue vibe is the Icy Hot jersey. $140. Click Here!
Tenet supply

Australia seems to be pretty hipster when it comes to cycling. Wanna look like a Dalmatian crossed with a Whippet? the Zeppole jersey from Tenet Supply is hot for that. $179AUS. Click Here!
Parle cycling

Parlé not Parlee. Freebirds jersey, because thats what we are on the bike yeah? some awesome jeresys in their collection…. I think I’ll be spending here. €80. Click Here!

Twin Six have some awesome urban styles in the range. This is the Huntsman. $85US. Click Here!

Uk branch Curbars Atelier jersey. Bold colours and artistic prints. £80. Click Here!
Gasp cycling

Chevrons are on! French branch Gasp are hitting the right look with their Maillot Versailles. €119. Click Here!

Its the Giro so pink has to be in the look book. Milltag weigh in with their Sector jersey. £80. Click Here!
So there you have it. My round up of what I think are some of the most eye catching jerseys you could wear this summer. Its great to look good on the bike if that’s your thing but, and there is a big but, you need to back it up. Go lairy and go fast!!!

Now lets go check that bank balance…….


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