More Columbus build stuff

As much as your lbs may hate it, eBay is a top place to pick up parts and for someone like me rebuilding old crap it’s a veritable gold mine.

With my plans to change this bike to an 8 speed, having already purchased the cassette, I needed a mech to suit. eBay sorted me out with a 90s/00s Athena derailleur for under £15. Bargain.

The logo is all but gone, the jockey wheels are shot, and it feels like it’s been ridden in the sea but I’m confident it will be fine! There’s no play in the pivots and all bolts and threads are good. Time for a strip down.

Well, that was surprisingly easy! Have sprayed with releasing fluid and left to soak overnight. Have ordered new Acor aluminium sealed bearing jockey wheels and plan to polish the whole thing up, should be a thing of beauty. I will also have my pillar drill back soon…… maybe play a bit of drillium with it!

Also popping through the post via eBay were the decals I have planned. Wanting to go understated I opted for standard Columbus and Aelle decals.

Gonna be a great, subtle build.

Next step was to convert that rear hub to 8 speed. The Miche SuperFast hubs I have are only setup for 6 speed and the rear axle is slightly too short. Have a new rear 8 speed axle in spares and have swapped it over, yes this means that the rear wheel will be slightly dished out of place.

The box of derailleur parts have had a good soak and were ready for a good scrub. Bearings, axles, seals, and skewers ready to go back in the wheels. 

Rear wheel sits in the frame fine, original OLD was 126mm and new spacing is 130mm for the 8 speed freewheel. Had to slightly stretch out the dropouts to fit, I’m talking only slightly, but it’s in and runs sweet. I have dished the wheel to the right but as I don’t have a truing stand yet I haven’t got the ability to play with it properly. I think there will be a slight skew on the wheel and brake to start with but I’d like the wheel to settle first and then reassess it.

Pulled all the mech parts out and gave them a clean as well, so it’s all ready to go back together as soon as the jockey wheels turn up.

Plenty more to do!

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