Duathlon dice?

My fitness seems to be pretty on form for me at the moment and, with a couple of friends into triathlon and another couple entering an iron man, I’m starting to get ideas potentially a little above my station! Unfortunately I swim like a brick, a drowning one at that, and with the training needed to overcome this It would be a while before I’m triathlon ready. So those and iron man events are currently off the cards……

I can still run and cycle? I have the ability to train at home now…..What about a duathlon?

I’ve found an event off the back of the New Forest Triathlon being held on the 18th of June. It’s a 5k run followed by a 33k cycle and finished off with another 5k run. Sounds exhausting to me but I’d like to give it a go. It’s costs £55 to enter, a little more than your average sportive or 10k run, and now all I need to do is see if my diary is clear. That and train my arse off!

Check out the event HERE

Here’s hoping for a bit of run bike run action!



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