Hammerite Rust Removal Dip

With the Columbus frame project in full swing I needed some way to remove some surface rust from the rim eyelets so looked into some chemical methods.

My research has come up with a few things, spirit vinegar being one method! Not being able to get hold of any easily I popped to Halfords to see what they had. After reading the packets I opted for the Hammerite rust removal dip.

The dip makes 10 times the amount in the tub, simply dilute with water. I made mine up in a storage box to about 2 inches deep. Just enough to cover the rims I wanted to clean.

Anyway here’s a quick video to share my results :


As you can see they are pretty impressive! Soon I will have a set of rims that look brand new. The frame is being shot blasted and powder coated so that just me playing around, but again a nice little result.

If you want to remove rust and have some space and time, this is definitely the way to do it.


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