Mystery Columbus bike project 

Picked up the eBay gamble on Friday and I’m pretty happy with it. 

The frame is still a mystery to me so any suggestions on what it is would be great. I’ve not seen any bikes wholly branded as Columbus before, so at a loss to who made it. Any help identifying would be great so here’s some more information for you:

Columbus Aelle tubing
These guys are still going in Cardiff!
Anyone know what or who GIPAS is?
Frame number that I can’t identify.
Overall I’m happy with the buy, I bagged Campagnolo Veloce brakes, bottom bracket, headset, and cranks. The wheels are Mavic Argent rims on Miche Superfast quick release hubs. The frame is nicely lugged and made from Columbus Aelle tubing, it has internal cable routing and it’s only 2kg for frame and fork!

Not a bad haul for £23!

The downside is the state of the frame, whilst not unrecoverable, it has seen better days. There’s a lot of surface rust but it’s nothing that a blast and powder coat can’t sort. The main issue being one of the previous owners penchant for metalwork. They have decided to try and smooth the bike by removing the front mech mount, the downtube shifter mounts, and the front cable guides. Take a look:

Front cable mounts cut down
Down tube shifter bosses yanked from frame

So before I get this frame painted I have a little work to do. Firstly to give it a good going over to remove excess rust, but secondly to remove the leftover redundant metalwork.

I started on the right hand side of the frame and set to work with the dremel. All I can say is it’s flipping noisey and dirty even just grinding these little things away!

Here’s how it looks now:

Cable mount gone
Shifter block removed
What’s now left of the front mech mount

With a little more grinding to go I reckon I can have it ready for paint by next week. Then I can start planning my build. Don’t think I want to go single speed on this one, but don’t want to mismatch my groupsets. I think it will be nigh on impossible if I want indexed shifting from a downtube shifter, especially if I want to go 8 or even 9 speed (I’ve seen 9 speed freewheels!) if the hub spacing allows. I might have to just go non indexed friction shifting if I want campagnolo.

Decisions decisions!

Also what colour? I was thinking a battleship grey?



  1. Hi, i too have just bought a frame identical to yours and trying to find out info. Did you get any replies, did u finish it, what is the ride like? Any help appreciated.


    1. Hi Dave, yes finished it, rode it, flogged it on. It was a nice ride but a little too big for me to kit out properly. Unfortunately couldn’t find anything more out about it! It really is a mystery bike. If you have any luck luck me know!


  2. Hi there I also have a Columbus frame bought it a couple of years ago and built a bike around it.The frame is in good nick and has transfers for Columbus Delta on it .It has campagnolo drop outs ends.
    Did you find any information on your frame?


  3. This Frame is like one of mine! It is exactly the same colour but the Decals say Eddie McGrath who has a bike shop in Urmston Greater Manchester. The frame is actually made by AUTOSTRADA/Mike Kowal. It is my winter bike has full mudguards and a triple chainwheel. I have an 8 speed cassette and use an old 7 speed indexed downtube shifter which does work. I have done many Audaxes and cycled to Wales and back from Birmingham. I am sure you know that Aelle is the lowest grade steel you can get and isn’t even butted but I like the ride.


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