Fenwicks FS10 bike cleaner

I found the time to give the winter bike a little love (actually just means washing it!) and try out the Fenwicks cleaner I picked up before Christmas. I have already used this on the Colnago C60 I had on test but that was already clean, so not really a proper test.

The FS10 cleaner is Fenwicks answer to the array of spray on wash off types of coloured bike washes available on the market from all other major bike lubricant and cleaning suppliers. This type of cleaner soaks into the dirt and grime loosening it ready for a good scrub and hose down. The FS10 comes in a litre bottle that has and adjustable spray nozzle, letting you either mist or jet your application. I’ve found it online from Ribble for as low as £4.74 and, when compared to the same size Muc off at £8.99, that’s a great price. Fenwicks also sell their FS1 which is a non diluted concentrate making 10 litres of cleaner.

Product Image

The Charge had not been cleaned since September, it gets a wash by riding through puddles…..As you can see from the video it has some fairly large build ups of road crust, especially for a bike that is only ridden on the road and has mud guards, that have built up over the months!

I didn’t exactly play by the instructions, wanting to test the cleaner on merit I didn’t brush any of the dirt to remove. I simply sprayed, left for five minutes, and rinsed with the hose.

Check the following video for the result.

Fair to say I’m fairly impressed with the cleaners power whilst still being gentle on the bare alloy of the rims. It also cleaned really well without stripping the lube from the chain, this is a bit of a bonus as it means if you do end up getting some cleaner into bearings or on the chain they don’t need stripping and lubing immediately. Like wise if it makes its way into your cables/mechs/shifters.

The Fenwicks cleaner did what it needed to and I didn’t have to scrub away at the bike so avoided any additional scratching of the frame or components. I’d have to say I’m more impressed with this than I am of Muc Off’s cleaner, yes Muc Off has been around for years and is the market leader but I think its time that they concentrated on making it work better rather than looking better!

FS10 is no nonsense and it works, and for less than a fiver? I’ll buy this again for sure.


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