Black Dog Bikes Workstand

With the workshop build underway (slowly), the first thing I would need is a workstand. Cue a load of searching online for the best deal.

I have used a few different stands in the past, I’m a big fan of the Park Tool delux wall mount but at £150 up it’s a little out of budget. Not just because of cost, but because of being sensible! So a similar design for a lot less money?

I found a few:

These three stands are selling on eBay, Amazon, and around the net under various brand names. So essentially it’s just a case of finding the best price.

I chose the middle design, and ordered on Amazon from Black Dog bikes. I had two reasons for choosing this design over the others, firstly the stand is height adjustable by rotating it in the wall clamp. This gives over a foot of height adjustment, great for access when servicing gears or removing the bottom bracket. Secondly the clamp design, it’s far easier and simpler design just to have a fold over quick release for the bike clamp, although this may be prone to wear, and the silicon jaws are nice and easy on the bike frames.

The stand is up on the wall and feels nice and firm. A welcome setup for any home mechanic. It was as relatively easy to install, simple task of marking then drilling suitable hole for the wall plugs, and then screwing the wall plate home. The stand then slides in and out of the plate for easy removal. As a quick note the BlackDog stand comes with two plates so you can mount in a couple of places.

Currently grasped is my latest project for my brother, a Raleigh 501 criterium 12. An eBay find for £12! Everything’s getting junked bar frame/forks/seatpost and it’s being built singlespeed. 

Let’s see how I get on with it, and how it lasts.

Next on the list is workbench so that I can setup my pillar drill and bench grinder/polisher!


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