Aldi Cycling Round Up

Three weeks ago I took advantage of Aldi’s latest cycling special buys.

I purchased:

  • Leg warmers
  • Merino headband
  • Merino socks
  • Waterproof socks
  • Energy gels
  • Small rear LED light
  • COB rear light

I’ve used all items, bar 2 of the energy gels, and I’m impressed. All are what I would call consumables, they will last a season of two before you renew. Here’s what I thought.

Leg warmers

Had a pair of leg warmers from the last cycling event but they were a little big. This time went for the mediums and they fit really well. Benefits are wind and rain resistant front panels and silicon grippers on the outside of the leg warmers that keep your bib shorts in place. For £7.99 these were a great buy.

Merino headband

Itch free and comfortable. This stopped the wind from rattling around my ears but let the top of my head breathe. I’ve used this on every ride since purchased, it now just routine! Reversible so you can wear it in either red or black. £6.99, well worth it.

Merino Socks

Tried these out last weekend, just a pair of socks really! but they didn’t itch, get sweaty, or ruck up inside my shoe. Feet were nice and warm so, again well done Aldi!

Waterproof socks

These could be the star buy. I deliberately went out in my SWorks 6 shoes with no overshoes on in soaking weather. Check out the Instagram video here. They were one of the most expensive items on test at £12.99, but seriously if that is the highest priced item then everyone should own a pair! The results were brilliant, my feet were bone dry bar a little sweat. Excellent buy.

Small Led Light

This little light is quite impressive for £2.99. Simply pull the rubber strap tight around your seatpost/seat tube/seat stay and press the lens! it couldn’t be easier. Yes its not the brightest light in the world but its easy to swap between bikes and its definitely visible. Worth a buy for the pub bike at least.

Cob Rear Light

This really is the star of the show. For £12.99 this is an exact copy of the Moon Nebula USB rechargeable rear light. 100 lumens, brightness and flashing modes, multiple brackets, and water resistant. Impressed quite a few people recently on our recent MTB ride into the forest.

Energy Gels

Took these out on last sundays ride and they were more than palatable. Id go as far as saying the rhubarb and custard gel was loveley! I normally cant stand gels and neither can my stomach but these were no issue. They have four flavours in each pack orange, lemon, Berry (with 75mg caffeine), and Rhubarb and custard. Each gel is 70g, contains 28g of carbs that is a fructose and maltodextrin mix. They also have an electrolyte addition of 0.1g salt (39mg sodium).

The only things I can see getting in the way of people buying these products is brand snobbery. All the products match most others I have tried at twice the price. The lights being the big stand out. They are all usable products that you can live with day in day out until they wear out in a season or twos time (depending on your ride frequency!)

I like Aldis cycling gear, someone with some brains and experience picks it clearly….. but I will draw the line at the clothing, im not being a snob with that but some things you just cant do at a certain price point. Dont get me wrong, for entry level its still good stuff, im just not in the market for it! When Aldi start doing equivalent to a Castelli Gabba jersey I might just change my mind….. Here’s looking forward to that!

One comment

  1. I’ve not liked their jerseys, but everything else is highly commendable especially for winter or commuting duties. And at those prices you can hardly go wrong! My ALDI fingerless gloves and merino socks are still going strong after much use.


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