Pain cave planning 

With the purchase of our first house going through and completion around a month away there’s a lot on my mind. Most of it moving related, but some of it bike related. One of those bike related thoughts is turning our garage into a training space (don’t tell Charlie!). At last I’m going to be able to set up and leave my turbo trainer out over the winter. But oh how things have improved since I purchased my turbo three years ago……….

Ok, so let think about this, what do I need from this ‘room’? the bare necessities.

  1. Space for the bike to be set in the turbo trainer.
  2. Light so I’m not cycling in the dark.

Well that was easy. Lets ask another couple of questions.

What could I do with this ‘room’? What level of indulgence is there? These question aren’t that simple but lets delve in.

First lets tackle the environment of the pain cave….

  1. I have a garage with bear brick walls. I don’t think you need to go surgical but to make lighting in a windowless room more effective it helps if you paint the walls white. So i’m going to need masonry paint for the walls.
  2. The garage has a bare concrete floor. To make sweat/grease/dirt easier to wipe up I need to seal the floor off, so I will want a decent epoxy floor paint.
  3. Lighting. Pretty standard, a couple of 4ft LED battens should do the trick.
  4. Temperature. OK so shouldn’t need a heater if I’m working hard enough blah blah, but I’d prefer not to be wearing full winter gear to ride in a garage. An electric space heater should suffice, these can both heat and run as a fan to provide a breeze!

Now the training kit.

  1. Bike, well simple really. Its the R872. But if I’m laying it up over the winter and leaving it on the trainer I’m going to want to proper turbo trainer tyre on it.
  2. I have a turbo but its basic, so how about a smart trainer? This is a bit of a minefield so I need to look into this further…. but I’m probably looking at £500 yeah?

How about some fancy stuff??

  1. Ok so I’m looking at a smart trainer…… because I’d like to chuck in Zwift, the online training community. This is basically a modern day equivalent to the old track and field game where you used to hammer the A and B buttons on your Sega Master System control pad to make your character run faster. But in Zwift you use your legs to propel your bicycle riding polygon person around online courses against other real world cyclists in cold garages.
  2. A computer to train with Zwift on? well I have that. I’m writing on it…… But I will need a stand or shelf.
  3. A screen. Now I know my laptop has a screen but its not that big. I’m thinking something around 30 inches that I can hinge down from the ceiling.

The above lists go from necessity to ideals. I want to try and get as far down it as possible.

The garage has a roof with exposed joists so suspending a screen on hinges shouldn’t be such a problem, so when its not training time it can be folded away. I can then run the cables across the joists and down the walls to where I will setup the laptop.

This all sounds a bit easy, just need to source the stuff to get on with it! I’m sure moving house will bring a whole load of DIY jobs that will overpower these dreams of creating my ideal training room, but hey that’s real life. Although some may argue my dreams above are not realistic with the proposed expenditure! I’m sure i can get pretty close on a tight budget……..

Talk about a dream…… Lets see how close I can get….

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