Eva gets her first bicycle 

What could you expect really? She was always going to be on a bike as soon as physically possible.

For her first birthday mummy and daddy bought her a Spherovelo. What’s a spherovelo? I hear you say. It’s a toddlers balance bike from junior bicycle manufacturers Early Rider.

The design is quite cute. It has two spheres for wheels, hence the ball shaped body. The front wheel is fixed with the rear wheel trailing as a castor. There are also two stabilising castors to keep it upright, these can then be removed to change the spherovelo into unstable mode. 

This gives your toddler the sensation of having to balance, teaching them to ride a bike nearly sooner than they can walk! It’s pretty sturdy and the plastic body is of a relatively thick gauge. The wheels are non slip, as is the seat. It’s a nice bit of product design.

As you can see she loves it! She hasn’t quite figured out how to scoot along on it just yet but I’m sure that won’t take too long, it should be fairly intuitive. Earlyrider you have created a great little product.

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