Not bodybuilding, just trying to curb my snacking and aid recovery. I’m also wanting to cut some body fat and improve my body composition. Plus maybe have all of that add up to some increased performance on the bike.

I’ve gone down a route that worked really well for me before, so I’m using a combination of tried and tested protein powder backed up with Creatine.

A few years back before most of my spare time was road cycling based (actually, when I was single!) I spent six months chugging USN Anabolic Muscle Fuel, and as an all in one shake I have to say it was very effective. I put on two stone in muscle and ended up pretty lean as well. You know, because the girls like the guns! (sigh…..)

This time I’m not looking to bulk up, just lean up and improve my strength. The products I went for from are the Impact Whey, and the Creatine Ethyl Esther (CEE).

Why have I chosen these? I have a pretty good diet anyway, but I snack throughout the day. The hunger monster always gets me and I struggle to feel full up unless it’s a big meal.

In the protein powder I opted for the chocolate smooth flavour and, as protein powders go, its pretty pallet able. I have mixed with both milk and water with the latter tasting better in my opinion, but it you want that extra calorie hit go for whole milk. Not my aim though so I’m sticking with water. It mixes just as well in each with next to no lumps.

I have used creatine monohydrate before but not creatine ethyl ester. The thinking apparently is that its easier for you body to convert to creatine and therefore gets into your system quicker. I’m not that convinced it will make any difference! what was super noticeable about the CEE is the smell. Wow. When you open the pack it smells like spirits! and they taste awful when you put them on your tongue. Oh well they arent in your mouth for long!

The price of both was very reasonable as well. Powder, CEE, and a shaker, with a 30% voucher code, were delivered for £32. Which if you look at the powder as a meal reaplacement (of 2 x 25g per day servings) to stop me snacking it costs 64p per day including CEE and shaker. That’s less than a packet of crisps.

I’ll report back on the results (if any!) in a couple of months.

These smell as high as a kite!


    1. I’d like to the it was pretty good! Example day: breakfast, bowl of sugar free muesli with green tea. Lunch, two slice of bread sandwich with salad/cheese/chicken. Evening home cooked meal pasta or salad with fish or chicken. I’m not afraid of food though! I will eat, plus I like my deserts and the odd beer. I’m well aware of what I should cut out, but it’s difficult. The shakes help me stop any snacking in the day.


      1. OK thx. If I may pass comment??

        At 33 I was doing same, also cycling a lot and a few triathlons here and there. Despite this, after 35ish, things started to go rapidly downhill. Belly started to bulge etc. Now I know that was due to carb tolerance (insulin sensitivity) dropping as I approached 40. What I should have done is cut my carbs DRASTICALLY & increased fat intake but back then I knew no better. If I had my time back again that’s exactly what I would do. The good news is that it’s never too late..

        Good luck with all your endeavours 😉


      2. Thanks for the advice, what’s the worst that can happen? I’ll try it for a couple of weeks next month! I’ll let you know how I get on 👍🏼


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