Deliveroo in Bournemouth 

The multi branch super brand courier business comes to Bournemouth.

Deliveroo is one of the first companies to really push the market for motorcycle/bicycle courier services outside of London in the uk, and roughly six months ago they rolled into Bournemouth. Primarily they were running moped delivery but they have now introduced the cycle courier. At this moment they are operating in central Bournemouth and Poole areas.

Me being me I immediately linked being able to cycle and getting paid to do so. I have an impending house purchase and a 10 month old daughter so could always do with that little extra bike money (it’s always bike money, the rest is already spent on the fam!).

I have a few ideas of what deliveroo are like to work for as I employ some of their moped riders through my day job and the company doesn’t seem too bad, but I believe all delivery staff are on zero hour contracts. Whilst in Velo Domestique in Southbourne I got chatting to a couple of guys who ride for Deliveroo and it seems that shifts aren’t really set so it would make it difficult for me to fit in around my already chocka schedule. In reality it would just be a way of factoring in some dedicated cycle time each week rather than a needed income, plus would I really want to make cycling a chore?

What is great though is that the world is slowly waking up to the benefit of the bicycle. I don’t know if that’s purely because there are that many cars on the road that there isn’t any other option? Or the fact that as we become more educated as a society we see the financial, ecological, and health benefits of turning pedals.

Next time you order your weekly cheat meal……. It may be Deliveroo’d!

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