Cycle carrier setup sorted

Having made our minds up of how to transport our bikes to Eroica this weekend it was time to prep.

We opted for the option least intrusive to the overall space, manoeuvrability, and access to the cars. The roof mount.

Trying my iphone new fish eye lense on everything. Mont Blanc bars and carriers on my old mans Passat.

Through work, GSF CAR PARTS, I was able to source these at a very reasonable price. We chose the Mont Blanc no assembly required Supra roof bar systems and four of the Mont Blanc RoofRide XXL cycle carriers.

Assembly of the bars was simple, set them to the specified width listed for your vehicle in the instructions and sit them on the roof. Then tighten the Allen key in each end until it holds tight on the roof. Bars from packet to roof in ten minutes. The cycle carries took a little bit of extra work, they come  in three parts and need assembling. They took about twenty minutes each to get together and set up on the car. 
Both bike carriers came with the ability to lock the bikes in but the bars didn’t come with anything to prevent them being removed without consent. 

Tested the setup out with my dad’s Mekk Pinerolo, as we are taking our proper road bikes with us to hit up the Peak District, and I was impressed with how secure it felt. Peace of mine seeing the length of the trip!

I’ll let you know how the week d got on, and how the racks worked out for us.

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