The next Eroica Brittania project

With Eroica Brittania only 4 months away it’s time I started getting the bike I’m building my brother ready for his entry. It’s a gift for his 30th birthday, so I’m going to do something a little special.

We have had this bike kicking about in the family for a while, and for the last two years it has sat chained up behind Greggs the bakers in Greenwich centre London. Our youngest brother used it to knock about on at university there. It suffered neglect and a frozen lock, and hadn’t been ridden for eighteen months! I’ve rescued it and work is underway.

Here’s the before

And the look we are aiming for

A bit of creative paintwork and we will be fine. I think the bike is an Australian master sports, but have no way of confirming. It’s nicely lugged and has the following sticker on the seat tube:

But that’s all I have to identify.

Watch this space, there’s lots of parts on order……. Then all I have to do is that paintwork!


    1. Do it, it’s great fun. There’s just something about vintage machinery, more cyclists than you would normally see but all on old steeds! Brilliant.


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