Single speeding

Had my first proper ride out of the year on the winter hack, which is a bit presumptuous seeing as it’s really Autumn! and it was a wake up call.

All previous winter I had continued to ride the Ribble regardless of weather but it had really started to take its toll on the mechanicals. The Ultegra 6800 group set was wearing fast due to my neglect. After treating it to a new chain and cassette earlier this year I wasn’t prepared to let the R872 get into the same state come winter.

The solution was to source a winter bike and a Charge Plug came about as a bit of a bargain from a good friend. I picked it up with a frozen seatpost and with a few bits missing. After sourcing the right parts, and scouring the Frozen seatpost out with caustic soda,it was rebuilt as my winter trainer.

Sunday’s spin was 20 miles and the furthest I had covered at any pace on the Charge. It tops out at around 20mph on the flat and you can’t let up on the climbs. I managed to average just over 16mph over the ride, with just under 500ft of climbing.

Pushing a 42/16 gear everywhere on 700c is a great workout. I’ve always been one for a high cadence and keeping it light. This is mainly because I haven’t had a huge amount of leg strength but running has really improved that, and now with not having the option to drop it down a gear on the climbs it will improve again. Especially on a bike that weighs in circa 10kg……. It was tough!

I’m looking forward to varying my training over the winter, getting some winter miles in, and hitting a few climbs with only one gear…..


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