Lidl cycling offers -bikepacking bags

Gravel and bike packing is now so mainstream that budget supermarket Lidl have waded in and offered some bike bags as part of their latest cycling offers.

This offer was live today from opening, guess who was queued up with the old folks at 9:50am? Me. I had a clear MO, get in, get bags, get gone. Went well, here’s my haul….

The middle of lidl this week – cycling stuff!

So what did I get? The three bike packing bags, a bar bag, a frame bag, and a saddle bag. All priced at £9.99 each. I also picked up some chain cleaner for £1.99, and a new set of ball ended Allen keys for £3.99. As you know, that’s a very reasonable price for this amount of kit.

Initial impressions for the bags is that they are well made and look like they would be as waterproof as they claim to be. Looking into the designs they also look strangely familiar as well…… the handlebar bag looks near identical to a Zèfal Z adventure f10 and the saddle pack the same as the Rapha Apidura collaboration. Both quite expensive! The frame bag I can’t quite place just yet but the quality is there, fully taped seams or waterproof lines in all.

The chain cleaner was too cheap to miss, let’s hope it’s not just water in an aerosol can eh! I’ll report back on how that is soon enough. The Allen keys will always be a useful addition to the workshop as well. Ball ended ones are very useful when building and working on bikes, so at a penny under four quid they were a steal.

Looking forward to getting the opportunity to spend a night under the starts on the Dawes when it’s done, and these bags will be the ideal setup for that.

Want to do the same? Get yourselves down to Lidl quick smart!!



    1. I suppose I’ll actually have to do some bikepacking now rather than just buying them because we’re cheap 🤷🏼‍♂️ excited to actually get out and have a bit of fun with it!

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