Gravel bikes crap at gravel!

Sensationalist headlines! But actual fact. Took the Dawes on a little flurry today before it starts to get its upgrade package. To a big ol pile of gravel.

The roads are paved with gold m’lad!

This pile of gravel is about 20ft high and connects 15th century fort Hurst Castle to the mainland at Milford on sea in Hampshire. Imagine a pebble beach, and how hard that is to walk on. Now think about taking a bike on it.

Gravel as far as the eye can see!

So I’m being a bit harsh on the gravel bike. This is not a crushed gravel roadway, it’s a pebble runway. The bike sinks like in sand and it’s just as hard going. Luckily I had a 40mph wind at my back to help me along…… that was until I had to turn around.

Yeah I’m knackered from all that balancing and pedalling

Turning around it was impossible to get going. Wind at my face and gravel too deep I had no choice but to run back to a section that was more solid. Disappointed that I had to turn round, but time was of the essence. I will make it to the end one day!

So close yet so far!

I can’t slag the gravel bike too much, this was obviously far too much for it. Maybe an ebike? Or a fat bike next time. Anyone want to lend me one?


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