Rinasclta Bike – UK testing partner

Pleased to announce that I will be taking up the role of UK testing partner for OEM carbon bicycle component manufacturer Rinasclta Bike. (Thats pronounced rin-a-scal-ta).

These guys have been manufacturing for OEM brands since 2011, and in 2018 they opened up European B2B headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. Rinasclta produce frames, rims, forks, and handlebars from carbon out of their two factories based in China.

Products I’m excited about are their super lightweight and integrated carbon frame models.

And their 27mm wide carbon tubeless ready rims.

The first product I will be getting my hands on will be a set of their integrated aero handlebars. I will be fitting these to the winter bike and giving them a good going over in the next few months.

If you want to know more about Rinasclta head to their website and see what they are up to…. take a factory tour and check out the team page… you may see someone you recognise!

Rinasclta Bike



  1. Hello,
    After a few months of use, would you recommend the frame? Can you give an update about the riding feeling, construction, etc?

    Henrique Carvalho


    1. Hi Henrique, I haven’t actually had a rinasclta frame yet but the handlebars I have had have been really good. Very stiff but with great vibration control. The quality has been very good, and I wouldn’t have any trouble recommending the purchase of a frame.
      Thanks Jon


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