Ribble Hybrid commuter

Commuting by bike is an admirable thing to do, both of my neighbours do and I’m jealous of their extra bike time! I’ve been keeping one of my neighbours five year old boardman alive for the last year but time came for it to be put out to pasture.

Queue my involvement. The budget was sub £800, have flat bars, be robust, have the best spec possible, and look awesome. I did a bit of shopping around for him, looking at boardmans, Planet X, specialized, cubes, and various other big names but eventually settled on the Ribble. Yes I am a bit biased going by the fact I already own one (surely experience is everything?) but that aside the Ribble confidently hit all the specs given.

Bike was ordered and a near two week total build and delivery time was given. Not too bad given they have to assemble then post bike. A week and a half later the postman was knocking at my door asking if I could take a delivery for my neighbour, ‘it’s a bit big mate, it’s a bike I think’, new bike day is always fun even if it’s not for you. Only slight whinge on this point was my neighbour wasn’t given a heads up on exact delivery time as to arrange being at home, luckily I was able to take delivery. The bike came almost fully assembled in a very large box that would be difficult to put in a car, collection from a sorting office would have been difficult.

Bike up in he stand I was impressed by the assembly. All Ribble bikes are hand assembled in the U.K. and delivered almost ready to go. I needed to do very little to get it roadworthy, pedals on, handlebars straight, and a check over of gear and brake operation and it was fit to ride. Me being me I went over and checked the torque of every bolt on the bike, impressed to see they were all good and tight. Nice work Ribble.

The bike comes with a good spec for the money. The frame is designed with touring spec geometry but in a sloping style like a race road bike, and it’s fashioned from oversized alloy with a carbon fork. This is a nice addition as it really smooths our road buzz. Groupset is courtesy of shimano and is a 2×8 speed Claris matched with shimano hydraulic disc brakes, crankset is shimano with a square taper bb, wheels are mavic aksium shod with Schwalbe Marathon smartgaurd tyres, saddle is a prologo kappa rs, and finishing kit is Ribbles in house level brand. The handlebar and stem are a one piece affair and look really smart in their colour coded dress up. As my neighbour went for the fully loaded commuter he also ended up getting sks mudguards and a colour coded aluminium rack. All for £799, not bad at all.

I only took the bike round the block to check out the setup but it was nimble yet solid. The position was comfortable and the bars were a good shape. Brakes worked well but squeaked because they needed bedding in, gears were usual shimano quality. I think this will be an awesome commuter for him and should last the distance.

Check out the bike in the images below:

What a good looking steed.



    1. Hi tom, thanks for your comment. Faultless in a word. I was fixing my neighbours bike one a month with his tired old boardman. It’s used for commuting daily in all weathers about 25 miles a day including a 7 mile stretch on the beach promenade. No punctures! Bar one initial inner tube issue (Ribble fitted the wrong size inner tubes, too small for the tyre). I would say he is very happy with it. One thing to point out though is if you are going to use panniers on the model with the painted rack, make sure you put some helicopter tape on it to protect the paint. Normal wear and tear still applies and he has also worn through a set of disc brake pads. Hope that helps!


  1. Thanks for a great review! I’m thinking about getting one or replacing my old specialized sirrus with a new one – what’s it been like 8 months down the line? Cheers, Tom


  2. Thanks for the review! I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for an 8 mile commute, either this or a Temple bike. Really informative.


  3. Thanks for the great review and excellent photos. It’s a beautiful bike. I’m torn between this or the Trek FX 3 Equipped. I know must folk hate them but is there space to add a kickstand to this bike? Are there predrilled holes?


      1. Thanks, did you manage to check with your neighbour? I think a universal one will fit but wondered if there’s pre drilled M10x20 etc holes?


  4. Thanks for the great review. I’ve gone and ordered the same bike and will hopefully be receiving it in August. I’d like to have the same set up as the bike you have shown and wondered if you could list what make and model the mud guards and rack are. Thanks


  5. Hey, really good read thanks. I’m buying my first bike mainly to commute on the London streets and the Ribble Hybrid is in my shortlist. However, I’m really not up for the prospect of ever having to deal with a chain coming off my bike so was veering towards buying a bike with an internal gear hub rather than a derailleur. But I just love the look of this Ribble Hybrid so am feeling torn. Am I being overly dramatic, what is the likelihood of these things happening when out riding?


    1. Hi there, thanks for the comment. Yes maybe so. I’ve not had a chain fall off in years. Most of the time it happens due to incorrect gear adjustment, with the limit screws not being set right on the derailleurs. So as long as the bike is well maintained and set up (these screws need setting correctly once and they are then set for life) you should be fine. The other main cause of chain drop is trying to change too many gears at once, or changing the front derailleur whilst under heavy pedalling. A little bit of finesse whilst operating and you will avoid this. Chain drop is also more prone on less expensive group sets due to lower tolerances in operation, the ribble has quality components so the chain should stay planted.
      Hope that helps.

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