Going tubeless….

After the unfortunate splitting of my rear tyre on the charge winter bike last week I was in the hunt for some new tyres. The new Mavic Open Pro rims I’ve just had built on to the bike are UST tubeless compatible, and going tubeless was the plan. It’s now happened just a little bit faster though……

On my table here we have a full Hutchinson tubeless setup. Rim strips, valves, sealant, and two Fusion5 All Season tyres. The perfect winter tyre setup. No more tubes!

Looking to get them mounted up over the few days. Obviously I’ll be letting you know how they go……



  1. I look forward to hearing what you think of the change. I’ve just got a new Mavic wheelset, I think they’re tubeless compatible, but came with standard tube/tyre setup. Not had any experience with tubeless before. Is there much of a weight difference? More for beefier tyres and sealant or less because of no inner tube?


  2. I always find Mavic rims the easiest to set up tubeless, never have the swearing that comes with other rims.


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