The too common cold

In my line of work I encounter the general public a fair whack. Plus I also have near 60 staff. Most with kids, most carrying germs….

For the last three weeks I’ve been riddled with disease. That’s a bit dramatic I suppose, but our household has been a poorly one. My daughter Eva has had snot bubbles the size and colour of a Christmas dinner sprout and a cough of a fifty year old chain smoker (maybe I should get her vaping? That’s cool right?). It’s been unavoidable really, with a minimum of one person in each of the branches I look after looking like death warmed up I would have had to have been in a hazmat suit to avoid contagion.

It’s been a frustrating few weeks of the baby/parent illness cycle where one being ill pushes strain and tiredness onto the other, increasing chance of catching by leaving Charlie and I susceptible everywhere. Although what I don’t understand is Charlie’s ability to stay clean regardless….. THE WOMAN IS INVICIBLE.

Selfishly it’s been incredibly annoying that I haven’t been fit enough to run or cycle, they are both a real stress buster for me. I’m also going to miss an event this weekend because I don’t want to dive back into snotsville!

All said and done, it’s just a cold….. I need to stop being so dramatic…… I have some bikes to finish for Eroica.

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