The holiday biking conundrum

So off to the states we are in the latter half of May. Also it’s my birthday and I will cycle if I want to. Getting this to happen though is slightly more involved than I thought.

Boston has some great scenery in its surrounding area and is very popular for road cycling, and me being me I wanted to get stuck in to that.

So I have two options. 

1. Take my own bike.

2. Hire a bike.

I was all over the bike hire initially thinking that it would cost a bomb to take my bike on a plane, until I checked the Virgin airlines website today. Virgin will take a bike for free as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 23kg. 23kg! That’s tandem territory! So this opened up a whole new insight into where I could cycle, how often I could cycle, how far I could cycle….. All because I would be on holiday and I would have all this free time! I then received a couple of swift reality checks. By the wife, and then by myself when I though about my daughter and the guilt/pelting I would get if I didn’t spend time with her. Plus the apparent difficulty of getting luggage, buggy, baby, and bike to and through the airport would be more than I’m prepared to deal with just so i could get a couple of days riding in. So hiring a bike it is….

I have found a company in Boston called Urban adventours to rent a road bike from and I’m currently in conversation to hire an Ultegra equipped Giant.

Cycling on another continent, should be fun!


    1. Thanks Ian, I’m looking forward to it. Family are a five minute walk from ATA cycle in concord ma, they won pro shop of the year at interview last year so I’m keen to see the place as well as the surrounding area!


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